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We are committed to the protection of your Privacy, and, accordingly, your Personal Information and Data. It is Tulela Safari Lodge’s policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect from you across our website, https://www.tulelasafarilodge.co.za.

We will take all reasonable endeavours to preserve and protect your Privacy when you use the Website and the Services, including compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 (“POPI”), and, where applicable, the General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”) (where you are not a local RSA resident).

Personal Information will be retained by us for such periods as required by Law for our legitimate business purposes, and as retained in terms of these provisions.  We may, however, keep certain information indefinitely in a format which does not disclose your identity for statistical or analytical purposes.

We will not trade or otherwise disclose your Personal Information or Data, or any portion thereof, to any third person without your express consent.

You may, on reasonable grounds, object to us using any of your Personal Information, and if you object, we will stop using same, whether for purposes of Processing or otherwise, save where the Laws otherwise provide.

It should be noted that any comments uploaded by other users express their opinions only, and do not represent our views.  Accordingly, whilst we value your feedback and any suggestions, in sending these to us you agree that we may use them for our purposes to endorse the Services, and with particular reference to the Accommodation Establishment and Services.

All intellectual property rights relating to the ownership and/or use of any trademark, logo, corporate colours or other images, including any copyright with regard to any text, video, audio or other materials on the Website or any component thereof, are owned by or licensed to us, and any unauthorized use, copying, reproduction, modification or distribution thereof or any part thereof is prohibited and constitutes an unlawful infringement of such intellectual property rights.

Your continued use of our Website will be regarded as acceptance of our practices around Privacy and Personal Information. If you have any enquiries about how we handle Data and Personal Information, you are welcome to contact us.

Tulela Safari Lodge Terms of Service

  1. TERMS
    a.      The provisions, as herein set out, are provided to you in order to better understand how your Personal Information and Data may be used online and in the course of Processing, and to understand the basis of collection, use and protection of the Personal Information in accordance with the use of the Website and Services.

    b. You agree that this Privacy Policy will apply to access by you and browsing of the Website and/or use of our Services when making any enquiries or bookings/reservations, and in entering or otherwise applying any of the Personal Information so required.

    c. The Personal Information we collect will be used to reasonably enable us to perform our obligations in terms of the agreement with you when you intend to or make use of the Services. Such information will be utilized for purposes of Processing on receipt of the Application Form, in making any enquiries, and, further, with respect to any bookings/reservations, response to any survey or marketing communication, or use of certain other features on the Website, and, insofar as the Laws permit, where you so consent.

    d. We may transfer your Personal Information to foreign countries if any service providers to us are located across border or use systems across border for purposes of the Services being rendered to you, and we will only share information across border to recipients who are subject to GDPR or similar Laws, and who have entered into an agreement with us to include the principles for the protection of Personal Information, based on the principles set out in POPI and/or GDPR.

    e. We may, subject to the above provisions, share your Personal Information with third party service providers to us (i.e. payment gateways, regulatory and governmental authorities or tax authorities) (where we are requested by them, or are obliged to do so), and will otherwise insure that the Personal Information and Data are only shared in terms of these provisions.

    f. We would also ensure that all service providers to us are similarly under a legal obligation to ensure the protection of your Personal Information and Data, and to use same only in a manner as permitted by us.

    g. Third parties who are engaged for purposes of a financial transaction (e.g. payment gateways), may collect your payment details to ensure that you transact securely with us, and these gateway providers will similarly store and process these details, which are not stored or processed on our servers.

    h. The Website may connect to various social media platforms or applications, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus, and if you require to use the Website for social media integration (user profiles or other functionalities), we will share your information with the relevant social media sites or applications


    We shall however not be liable towards any third party regarding any comments you may make which are unlawful or offensive in any manner.

    3. USE

    By accessing, browsing and using the Website and/or using any of the Services, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the provisions as herein set out.

    Our Website is accordingly intended for your use and to enable you for your personal purposes to avail yourself of the Services.

    The Website uses cookies in order that your online use experience can be optimized, the cookies so used being essential for the beneficial operation of our Website and you similarly agree that you have read, understood and agreed to the provisions applicable to our cookie policy as set out in the Website Terms and Conditions.  

    In providing the Services we rely on the information (including Personal Information) you provide to us and we cannot be responsible in the event of any such information being incorrect, incomplete or outdated.
    Please note that when you use the Website we automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser, which may include your location, Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, cookie information and other relative details regarding your use of the Website (browsing actions and patterns), which may not necessarily identify you as an individual, which cookies enable us to improve our Services to you, including data regarding our Website traffic, interactive and usage patterns, and store information regarding your preferences with regard to the Services, which will be recognized when you return to the Website.


    a. Despite our best endeavours, as indicated, to preserve and protect all Personal Information and Data, we will not be responsible for any unauthorized access via hacking or other breach of our security protocols beyond our reasonable control. You are accordingly responsible for keeping all your user names and passwords up to date and we may request you to provide us with proof of your registration/identity or other information in a form that we consider acceptable.

    b. Whilst reasonable measures are taken to ensure that information accessed via our Services is accurate and up to date, we cannot warrant that the content or information, as is accessible, is always necessarily accurate, complete and/or current, and, accordingly, if you have any queries or concerns, these should be addressed to us forthwith.


    Further information relating to any specific Terms or Conditions can be found in our Website Terms and Conditions document. By accessing the Website, you are also agreeing to be bound by the general Terms and Conditions of our Services and all applicable law, therefore we urge you to properly read and understand all content as set out and provided for therein.