Winter Wonders at Tulela Safari Lodge

Winter at Tulela: A Season of Survival and Beauty As winter sets in at Tulela Safari Lodge, the landscape transforms with brittle grasses giving way to the resilient Mopani trees. These trees retain 40% of their nutrients even after death, providing vital nourishment for elephants and buffalo. The blooming Aloes attract insects and birds, while our Tulela waterhole becomes a bustling hub for wildlife. Predators thrive as impalas, driven by mating instincts, become easy prey. Despite the cold, winter at Tulela offers stunning sunrises and sunsets, and the open bush creates perfect conditions for unforgettable safari trips.

As winter settles in at Tulela Safari Lodge, the landscape transforms into a scene of raw beauty and survival. The grasses grow brittle, making way for the famous Mopani trees to take center stage. Located in the heart of the Mopani belt, stretching into Zimbabwe and Botswana, these trees play a crucial role in the ecosystem. Even in death, Mopani trees retain 40% of their nutrients, providing essential nourishment for elephants and mixed feeders during the harsh winter months.

Buffalo, known for their less picky eating habits, also thrive on the dead leaves of the Mopani. Thus, Tulela becomes the land of elephants and buffalo, with these majestic creatures dominating the scene.

Winter also heralds the blooming of Aloes, attracting a flurry of insects and birds that feast on their nectar. With limited water sources, animals migrate to perennial waters. While Tulela lacks perennial rivers, we are blessed with small pans of leftover rainwater and our ever-busy Tulela waterhole, a constant hub of activity, particularly for the elephants.

Predators find the dry season advantageous as prey becomes more vulnerable. The impalas, driven by hormonal surges, engage in fierce battles for mating rights. These distractions often make them easy targets for leopards, adding to the bush’s dramatic narrative.

Despite the cold, winter at Tulela offers breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, their beauty enhanced by the dusty air. The dying vegetation opens up the bush, creating perfect conditions for safari trips.

So, wrap up warmly and immerse yourself in the winter wonders of Tulela Safari Lodge. The wildlife, the landscapes, and the exhilarating safaris await!

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